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10 Things to Know Before Getting a Basset Hound

 I love Bassets. They are absolutely my favorite breed of dog but they may not be for everyone's lifestyle. I hope this list helps you decide, either way, if a Basset is for you.


  1. Bassets are extremely independent Some people say they are stubborn but I prefer to think they are so fiercely independent they do things at their own speed and desire. You may want to go for a walk but if your basset doesn’t want to, you may be stopped in the middle of the road trying to drag what feels like a 60-pound bag of flour.


  1. They love company They love to be around you when you’re on the couch, making dinner, going to the bathroom, trying to sleep. Just be aware.


  1. Training is important. It is for all dogs but especially Bassets. With their naturally independent personality it is very important to start training when they are young to avoid mischief when they grow up.


  1. They love to nap. Bassets can nap up to 22 hours a day. And even though they are napping they do like to be next to you, on top of you or in your bed.


  1. They shed. A LOT. They may not look like it but they do shed quite a lot. Be prepared to have fur on your clothes, on the floor, in your food.


  1. Their goofy adorable face will have you wanting more Bassets. Its true. They are entertaining as anything. With such expressive faces they sure know how to suck you in.


  1. Two Bassets are better than one- Bassets love company and there is going to be times when you’re not at home to entertain them so having two Bassets to play with each other and nap together is a good idea. Or any other dog really. Bassets get along well with other dogs or pets.


  1. They need special ear care- With such long ears Bassets need a bit more ear attention that your average dog. Investing in a bowl for long eared dogs is a good idea as it prevents their ears from getting wet or contaminated with food. You will also need to clean your Bassets ears around twice a week.


  1. Bassets are prone to bloat. Bloat can be serious for Bassets so the best way to prevent it is to make sure they don’t gulp down their food too fast. Purchasing a slow feed bowl that only releases a certain amount of food at a time or a bowl/toy that requires them to find the food will help reduce the risk.


  1. They are the laziest, droopiest, drooliest dogs around but also the cutest, most loving and entertaining, as well.


So what do you think now? Are you going to get a Basset Hound?

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