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8 New Years Resolutions for You & Your Basset Hound

Lots of people make New Years Resolutions but why not make them for your Basset/s as well? Below we have a list of possible ideas that will make 2021 a year to remember. 

1. Do Therapy Dog Training

 Get a therapy dog certificate for your Basset and go volunteer at a Nursing home or school. Everyone could do with a Basset cuddle

2. Do Scent Training

Teach your Basset how to track and follow scents. 
 Basset Hound

3. Regular Ear Care

Not a particularly fun resolution but it is necessary to Basset wellbeing. Make sure you are cleaning your Bassets ears at least once a week to prevent infection and ear mites. 

4. Do a Basset Race

There are Basset races all over the world, especially if you are lucky enough to live near Cantebury Park in Minnesota otherwise join a local club to find out where your nearest one is. 
 Basset hound race

5. Work on your photography skills and start a Basset social media account

If you are anything like us at Threadhounds we love to follow Basset Hound instagram accounts. Get creative, gain some new skills and make sure to tag us @threadhounds 

6. Go on more adventures with your Basset

Dogs love going new places with all the new smells and things to be sniffed out. Now we all know Bassets aren't the most energetic of breeds but they sure do love to smell new things. Aim to go for a walk somewhere different once a week.

7. Join a Basset Club in your area

Join a basset club, go to local meetups and make new friends for you and your pup

8. Learn to Knit

Knitting is a popular hobby but how about you learn to knit Basset sweaters or socks or headbands? Be creative and see what happens!
What do you think of these New Years Resolutions? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram if you do any of these or if you have any other great ideas!
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